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Improve Your Skills


Why focus on fundamentals?

Skills are roughly defined as our ability to do something well, often with desired results. Such ability requires practice, a period of lows, adjustments, and eventually confidence.  Keeping in mind progress not perfection.


​Armed with these core tools you can progress to more advanced skills quickly.

  • The Ready Position.

  • Dynamic weight shift.

  • Effective braking.

  • Negotiating trail obstacles.

  • Cornering skills.

  • Negotiating steep terrain.

Drops & Roll Downs

Why focus on drops and roll downs?
Dropping and roll downs are areas where the penalty for failure can be life-changing. When it goes wrong there are high consequences as our wheels are leaving the ground and extremities take the beating if something goes wrong. 

First we will look at the various drop-off types and roll through skills needed to manage them. 


  • Entry space & speed 

  • Exit space & speed

  • Severity of the terrain 

  • The scale & height of the drop

  • Roll Down 

  • Drop

Cornering & Berms

Why focus on berms?

Berms are not a natural feature, but are a common feature of bike parks and local trails. Trail builders create these special dirt banks so you can carry speed while changing direction. Where you enter and exit is key to successfully rip a berm down or climb up.

Let's brush up on the basics before scouting out the trail to find our line and dial in your body position to concur these features. 

  • Reveiw Fundamentals

  • Bike Body Separation 

  • Reading the trail

  • Pressure points


Why focus on jumps?
Jumping is a skill that will add excitement to a ride or help maintain speed by allowing one to flow over a jump rather then flopping on top.

Starting with skills listed below one will quickly elevate their jumping experience and gain the confidence to safely land. 


  • Pumping

  • Read the ramp

  • Compression 

  • Weight transfer & timing 

  • Absorb the landing 



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